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    Market Position Forum 
    This forum discusses Search Engine Marketing and provides Resources to download Webposition Gold, and indispensible tool for building and marketing webpages.
    WebPage Monitor Complete page change monitoring service. 
    WebReview/WebTools A complete WebTools store and more.
    Search Engine Guide The name says it all.
    WebMaster Resources A forum for WebMasters.   Webmaster resources, ideas, contacts, as well as the top WebMasters in the industry.
    ResourcesToYou Counter A tool to keeptrack of the numbers and the sites linking to you.
    Link Popularity Program A well maintained and very well working program to gain link popularity.
    Searchword Suggestions Find out which keywords you should  be targeting.
    HTML Color Charts If you want to move beyond  blue, red, green, black and  yellow.
    Net Mechanic A good on-line tool for compressing images, checking bad html and broken Resources.
    The Font Guy Kemosabe's Font Source.
    The Font Addict  Swiggle's Fonts.
    Animated Banner Maker On-line tool that makes simple banners for you.
    Gif Construction Set Indispensible and easy to use free program for making banners, buttons, spinners, & more
    Graphic Workshop An awesome easy to use free program for making banners.

    • I have found Microsoft Word to be an excellent tool for creating graphic text and all the page headings you see on my site were created in Word and then pasted in Adobe photoshop for conversion to JPG.
    • Automatic Page Submission Programs hurt you more than help you.
    • Submit one page per day to most search engines and you will not end up penalized.
    • Create doorway pages and hallway  pages to your site with each page optimized for and submitted to a specific engine.    Doorway pages contain Resources to your hallway pages and Hallway pages contain Resources to your main site.  By doing this -- instead of submitting all the pages of your site individually and directly -- the engines will spider your site and individual pages get better rankings then when submitted directly.
    • Mass linking programs are a waste of time IMHO.  If you do decide to use them, set up a seperate e-mail account for all the spam you will recieve.

    Please e-mail me your WebMaster Tips and I will add a link to your site with your tip!

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